Just think: the essence of what is you, condensed into one flawless single-spaced page - a page that will speak for you, that will determine your fate - perhaps, in fact, shape the rest of your life. All of your training time somehow comes down to this. The clock is ticking. It's game time.

At College Essay Boot Camp, you're in good hands. We know there is an incredible essay in you, and it's our job to let it out. The process of getting there is almost fun, will certainly hold some surprises for you,  and will leave you with some skills that can help you in college. In fact, once you work with us, you'll never look at an essay the same way again.

We can take you from absolutely no ideas to an essay you'll be proud of in one day. 

You may think you've got nothing now, but you're wrong. You've got your life. 


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One day, one essay. Done right. Guaranteed. 


1. To reveal key qualities, talents, values of YOU—to show them something significant.

PROBLEM: you cannot show them everything! If you try to show them everything, your essay will be guaranteed to stink from a mile away. It will be cluttered and superficial. The essay should not TELL the reader stuff. The rest of your application does that.

SOLUTION: what you choose to show them has to reveal something important, something typical of you—something that can almost function as a metaphor for what you’re about. Obviously, you have to choose your topic very carefully.

2. To show your intellect at work. A college essay is an opportunity to demonstrate how your brain takes things apart and puts them together (this includes such things as the size of your vision, your ability to work with the abstract, etc.).

3. To convey a REAL PERSON—someone they feel they have met, someone they care about, someone they MUST have on their college campus. (In other words, VOICE is extremely important!) When someone reads your writing, they should hear you talking to them; your actual personality should come into it. Our goal is for you to walk out with an essay that ​no one else could possibly write!

What is the actual purpose of a college essay?  

​​College Essay Boot Camp