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Bring a friend discount!

If you and a friend sign up for a workshop together, both of you get $50.00 off! 

  1. Live College Essay Boot Camp workshops, at four different locations--or at your location, if you can gather a small group: $400.00
  2. Virtual College Essay Boot Camp, an online version of the workshop that you can do from home, using Go-to-Meeting software and Google Docs, at a time that is convenient to you: $400.00
  3. Online or in-person tutoring for help with supplements or other writing tasks: $100/hr. (Often half an hour of thoughtful personal attention can make a world of difference.)
  4. College Essay Boot Camp PLUS, a new offering this year, includes the regular full-day workshop PLUS five private online coaching sessions (an hour or so long) with Dr. Wilk, at your convenience, and unlimited  advice via e-mail and text throughout the college application season: $1000.00
  5. Group presentations, tailored to your needs, that will teach students  important strategies, and get them started with some writing activities. Contact Dr. Wilk.

 We provide help at every step of the college writing process — from mining your life for ideas to polishing the final draft. We offer both in-person and online workshops, one-to-one coaching, online support services, and professional editing. Our goal is the one essay that only you could write—the essay that will amaze you and get you the acceptance you want.

Your college essay is the only part of the college application process you have complete control of. The essay can capture an admission officer's imagination and make him want you on his campus. Missing the opportunity to make this piece of the package outstanding is a huge mistake.


College Essay Boot Camp is an answer to a problem. Most students fear writing the college essay because they know that so much depends on it, and for most people, writing causes stress. Sometimes, students try to tell their life stories, and they fail. Sometimes, they try to use impressive words, and they fail. Sometimes, they have someone else rewrite their essay for them, or even buy an essay and pass it off as their own. But each person is carrying around in them many powerful, interesting, revealing stories—stories that they are perfectly capable of telling, stories that will get them into the college of their choice. Finding which ones to tell, and learning how to tell them, is a job you need help with.

We know you can do it—even if you don’t.